DIY weed remover


If you are an experienced summer resident, then you probably know what weeds are, because every year you have to fight them. The simplest method of disposal of weeds is manual weeding. Removing plants with a strong root system is much easier when using a manual lifter.

In this article, you will learn how to make a hand weed extractor. The article will consider the types of uproaders, as well as will offer 2 options for self-production of manual weed remover.

Rooting Varieties

There are several types of manual weed extractors. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with their species, which will allow you to choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Garden fork

With the help of a garden fork, you can remove a weed with a fairly developed root system. But this is on condition that the teeth of the fork are bent at an angle of 45º or more. If they are bent by less than 45º, then it is suitable for loosening the soil and removing weeds with a weak root system.

When choosing a garden tool, it is important to pay attention to ease of use. Handle inventory should be comfortable, so you can avoid the pain in the brush.

Root remover for garden work

With the help of a root remover, a weed plant with deep roots can be removed from the ground. Such devices are very different. Some have a sharp V-shaped blade, others look like a fork that has 2 flat and wide teeth, and there are also models that look like a corkscrew of enormous size.

Slot weed cleaner

Slotted weed extractor has an L-shaped blade. With its help it is convenient to clear the distance between the weeds from the tiles, which are usually laid tracks. For these purposes, often use a regular kitchen knife.

Using hoe

There are 3 types of hoes that are used for weeding the garden: Dutch, manual and straight.

A distinctive feature of the Dutch chopper is a small blade tilt. With this tool, it is impossible to remove deep-rooted weeds.

The hopper is a small handle that holds the blade at a right angle. It is designed to remove young plants.

Straight hoes are devices similar to hand hoppers. They differ only in that their size is much larger. With their help, weeds are removed by chopping movements.

Manufacturing technology weed extractor

Self-made fixture will be reliable and durable. So, you can get rid not only of the apical part of the weeds, but also of their roots. So, for the manufacture of weed extractor you need a tubular body, which will have a cutting part, made in the form of a gutter with sharp edges. From the opposite side a wooden handle will be inserted into the weed extractor, which will be fastened with a screw through a hole in the metal.

Materials and tools

Such a device can be made from trimming a pipe having a diameter of 25-40 mm. As the handle, you can use a piece of cutting. From the tools you will need:

  1. Drill with a drill.
  2. Bulgarian with a cutting disc.
  3. The square is measuring.
  4. Files
  5. Sandpaper.
  6. Plane.
  7. Screwdriver.

Manufacturing procedure

Now we proceed to the process. To get started, check out the weed planner layout. This will help you accurately determine the size and shape of the device, as a result of which the process of making the lifter will go easier and faster.

The order of work:

  1. According to the drawing, mark up the steel tube and cut it along the length and shape of the drawing.
  2. First fix the tube and with the help of the grinder, perform 2 longitudinal cuts. The excess metal can be removed with a transverse inclined cut.
  3. Now trim the end of the gutter at an angle of 35º.
  4. Remove agnails with a file.
  5. From the inside sharpen the working part of the tool. Treat the lower edge with a semicircular file.
  6. Now drill a hole for the screw for fixing the handle. Sand the root remover with sandpaper.
  7. And at the last stage, insert the handle into the lifter and tighten the screw.

Such a device will allow you to remove weeds, leaving the roots of cultivated plants whole and not destroying the surrounding layers of the earth.

To remove a weed, stick the lifter into the ground near the root of the plant, loosen the soil around it, slightly turning the tool towards you and away from you. Then slightly raise the plant with the soil extractor and hand out it from the ground.

Deep-Rooter Weed Remover

We invite you to familiarize yourself with another technology of weed extractor manufacturing.

You will need a corner having 25 mm. You can use the old corner, which may be found in your workshop.

The corner should be cut to a length of 30-40 cm. You will also need a profile tube, as shown in the previous photo. We will use it to attach the cutting.

Now you need to make a sharp tip. Set aside from the edge of 15 cm and make a label on which the angle of the sharp tip will be formed.

Using the grinder, make a cut.

Here is the edge should work. Now you need to weld the profile tube, to which the cutting will be fixed.

Also, another piece of a profile pipe will be welded to the device, so a support will be formed, which can be stepped on with a foot.

Then you need to fit the size of the stalk. It should be tight into the hole of the root remover.

All metal parts need to be welded.

In the profile tube into which the cutting will be inserted, you need to make holes that will allow you to connect the root remover to the handle.

Then the handle is inserted into the tool, the screw is screwed. Here is the finished tool.

So, if you need to make a weed picker yourself, then you can use one of the technologies proposed in the article. So, you can eliminate weeds without extra time and labor costs.

You can familiarize yourself with another version of the root remover by viewing the video: