Potatoes variety Slavyanka: photos and description


In recent years, the attitude to the cultivation of potatoes has changed somewhat compared with previous times. After all, now it is easy to buy it in stores or on the market. And it is quite inexpensive. Therefore, very few want to spend a lot of time and effort, then to get a meager harvest and still buy potatoes on the market. But there are varieties that even in adverse years, with minimal care, can give quite decent yields. And if you plant them using a variety of new technologies that facilitate agricultural work, you can get a great harvest with little or no effort. Potato Slavyanka is one of these varieties.

Variety description

The Slavyanka variety was bred in Ukraine by a group of breeders of the Kirovograd Institute UAAN using virus-free seed. The variety was registered in the State Register of Russia in 2009 and since then has begun its victorious march through Russia. Recommendations on potato cultivation Slavyanka limited to the Central Black Earth region, but, despite this fact, potatoes of this variety are grown in almost all regions of Russia. Well, in Ukraine it is one of the most popular and common varieties.

Potato bushes grow quite large, spreading is average. Stems are not very many, but they are well branched and densely leafy. The leaves themselves are dark green in color, rather large, dissected, with clearly visible veins. The leaves have a slightly noticeable pubescence, the edges of the leaves are slightly wavy. Slavyanka potato blossoms in small purple-blue inflorescences with white spots on the ends. The flowering itself, though abundant, does not last long. The number of formed berries is small.

Characteristics of a variety

Potato varieties Slavyanka refers to late. From the time the tubers are planted into the ground, 120-140 days may pass before the harvest.

Tip! The Slavyanka variety is also suitable for farming in fields and for planting at home plots near the house.

The most outstanding feature of the Slavyanka variety is its yield. According to the manufacturer, on average, you can count on 250-300 centners per hectare. The maximum yield with the observance of all agronomic methods of cultivation can be 400 centners per hectare. In addition, and importantly, the potato harvest is not strongly determined by weather conditions. Under any circumstances, the harvest will necessarily be, but its amount depends on the care.

The great advantage of the variety is a high degree of preservation of the crop. It can be stored for a long time and its taste and product characteristics do not change.

The variety is characterized by high resistance to many diseases: potato cancer, golden cyst-forming nematode, wrinkled mosaic, leaf rolling, black leg. But resistance to late blight of the aerial part and tubers is quite average.

Attention! Under adverse conditions, the formation of sulfur, top and root mold on the tubers is possible.

Fruit characteristics

Tubers from the Slavyanka potato variety grow very large. Small practically does not occur. They are oblong-oval. Color violet - pink. The characteristics of the tubers are as follows.

  • The weight of one tuber varies from 90 to 175 grams.
  • The eyes are small and superficial, very convenient for cleaning potatoes.
  • The skin is smooth, thin, evenly colored.
  • Pulp cream shade.
  • The content of starch in tubers is low - from 11 to 13%.
  • Tastes are characterized as very good.
  • Marketability - 88-99%.
  • Stability - 95%.
  • Tubers contain a large amount of vitamins B, amino acids, proteins.

Slavyanka potato tubers have a very neat, smooth shape, ideal for sale. Potatoes are weakly boiled soft, the tubers after heat treatment retain their shape. Due to its low starch content, potatoes of this variety are ideal for making french fries and chips. It can also be used for baking and stuffing.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Slavyanka potato variety has numerous advantages that allow it to be very popular not only among ordinary gardeners, but also among farmers.

  • Excellent yield;
  • High taste of tubers;
  • Friendly maturation;
  • Resistance to major diseases;
  • Unpretentiousness to the vagaries of weather;
  • Good keeping quality;
  • Good product quality.

At the same time, this variety has a disadvantage - it is unstable to mechanical damage. And if the cut tubers fall into storage, they will quickly begin to rot. And since the technical conditions of harvesting do not always allow to do without mechanical damage, it is necessary to carefully sort the tubers of this variety before putting it into storage.

Features of growing

Variety Slavyanka has unpretentiousness, can easily adapt to changes in weather conditions, and to almost any soil. But it is a variety of the intensive type, therefore, in order to get record-breaking yields, it requires regular and elevated feedings.

Important! The variety has the unique ability not to degenerate with long-term cultivation and not to accumulate nitrates in fruits.

It should be planted in heated soil with a distance of 35 cm between the bushes. It is desirable to leave at least 70-75 cm between the rows. It is ideal to use drip irrigation for irrigation, however, the Slavyanka variety is characterized by resistance to short-term drought.

Given the increased sensitivity of the variety to mechanical damage, it is necessary to dig up the tubers with great care. Tubers are stored almost until spring, without losing their qualities.

Consumer reviews

Potato Slavyanka enjoys well-deserved popularity and evidence of this is the positive reviews and descriptions of this variety with photos.

Elena, 28 years old, Novocherkassk Having become acquainted with Slavyanka, I was seriously fascinated by the cultivation of potatoes. Up to this point, planting potatoes and all the worries associated with it seemed just a waste of time. But once I grew a first-class crop of 700 kg of tubers from one weave, I changed my mind. By the way, such a crop turned out even without irrigation, and in our area in summer it is very hot and dry. By yield, he, of course, has no equal. And what are the tubers in size! There are practically no small ones, medium ones weighing 300-600g, and sometimes you pull out such giants that you just have to separate them. And then roll up your sleeves and work to achieve even better results. Interestingly, this variety is also very versatile to use. It is tasty to eat boiled, it does not darken or glaze, and does not fall apart at all during frying. Well, how could you not fall in love with Slavyanka! Catherine, 39 years old, Bryansk I will not change my favorite potato variety Slavyanka. I like him very much. First of all, for the taste. Substandard tubers are practically non-existent, all very large and tasty. Even if suddenly a bad year, I know that the Slav potatoes will not let me down, and the potatoes will be tasty, even if they are not many.


Slavyanka has many admirers both in Ukraine and in Russia. And despite the many new breeds, it will still be popular for a long time.