Bronze wide-breasted turkeys: breeding reviews


Bronze wide-breasted turkeys are very valuable among farmers. They stand out among other breeds for their size. Bronze turkeys were originally bred by American breeders. It is evident that they have tried very hard, because the breed was just perfect. It was created for the purpose of industrial farming on farms. Now everyone can buy a turkey of this breed, and breed them at home.

Bringing bronze turkeys, breeders wanted to get a meaty breed, which will be profitable to grow for large enterprises. Until now, they are the largest representatives among turkeys. It is worth considering what other features, besides the size, this breed has. In this article we will see all the advantages and disadvantages of bronze wide-breasted turkeys. Also see how to properly grow and care for these birds. All these factors will make it clear why this breed of turkeys has become so popular, and why more and more farmers are choosing it for breeding.

Description and characteristics of the breed

Representatives of this breed grow very large sizes. Probably not to meet a single bronze wide-breasted turkey, which would weigh less than nine kilograms.

Attention! On average, juveniles weigh about eleven kilograms, while adult birds weigh no less than eighteen kilograms.

Experienced farmers say that with abundant feeding and compliance with the rules of care and reproduction, you can grow turkeys weighing up to thirty kilograms. Bronze turkeys have another name - "American." It recalls that the breed was bred in America.

Important! This breed can be crossed with other, less meaty breeds, to improve the characteristics and create new varieties of turkeys.

The body of these birds is oval, the chest is wide, convex and very strong. Graceful gait and powerful legs give the breed even more nobility. A bronze wide-breasted turkey has a beautiful plumage, black feathers shimmer in the sun with a bronze, purple and bluish tint. Bronze is the predominant color, as the name of the breed says. Males differ fan-like elegant tail.

Breed virtues

The advantages of this breed over other types of turkeys are large. We will try to list the main advantages:

  • high egg production. These turkeys differ in quality and quantity of eggs. In one season, a turkey can carry about 120 of them. Of these, 96 eggs can be fertilized, and of 67 small turkey poults hatched;
  • maternal instincts. Turkeys of this breed are caring and attentive mothers. They incubate their offspring with great patience. And they can be planted on eggs of other birds, such as chickens or ducks;
  • precocity. At the 20th week of life, bronze turkeys can weigh up to eight kilograms, and turkeys - at least fourteen kilograms;
  • profitability. You do not need to feed these turkeys for a long time. Usually they are slaughtered twenty weeks after birth. The reason is that after this age, the birds need a lot more feed to maintain their weight, and even more so in order to build muscle mass even more.
Important! Up to twenty weeks turkeys consume one and a half kilograms of feed per kilogram of weight per day.

Disadvantages of bronze turkeys

Turkey bronze shirokogrudy suitable only for breeding in industrial environments. They will not be able to fully develop in pastures or even in the yard. For the cultivation of bronze wide-breasted turkeys fit only cages and sheds. Feed these birds can only balanced feed, containing in its composition all the necessary vitamins and minerals. You should also add a variety of feed. You can cook for turkeys a mixture of grain and chopped herbs. And veterinarians are advised to add special vitamin complexes from time to time. As you can see, the breeding of such large individuals is a little expensive, but the amount of meat obtained is, of course, worth it.


Turkey bronze wide-chested breed has a very high percentage of survival. They are disease resistant and strong. All thanks to the original breed, which when crossed crossed bronze turkeys. She was distinguished by high levels of endurance, and had excellent health.

The main purpose of breeding this breed is to obtain high-quality and tasty meat. It tastes a bit like game. A big plus to the fact that turkeys are cut out by young ones is that the meat remains tender and soft. Moreover, up to 80% of the total weight of the carcass is meat. It is an excellent dietary product, because it contains only 8% fat.

Turkey eggs are also used in cooking. They are round, large. They have an unusual brown color, speckles of various sizes are arranged all over the egg. You can see them in the photo.

Bronze wide-chested turkeys begin to be born already at the age of nine months. The minimum number of eggs laid during the season is about 60 pieces, and the maximum number is about 150 pieces per year. They can not only hatch eggs of other species of birds, but also take care of them as if they were their own. You can easily entrust the turkeys to small geese, ducklings and chickens.

Tip! In order for the bronze wide-breasted turkey to hatch and other birds, it is necessary to lay eggs one week after it began to incubate the poults.

Breed care

A bronze wide-breasted turkey can fully grow only in a spacious room. It is very important to maintain a stable temperature and humidity in it. These birds do not tolerate drafts. For the normal residence of one individual will need 1 m2 space. Birds should not sit on a cold floor, so it should be covered with hay or straw. The room with turkeys should be well lit, and also have ventilation.

For birds, they build long feeders and drinkers so that all birds can eat from the same tank. Must arrange for turkeys perches. They should be no higher than 50 centimeters from the floor. At the bottom you need to place retractable pallets to collect litter. The temperature in the room should not fall below -8 ° C, as it is detrimental to this breed of birds. For the birds to get all the necessary nutrients, you must add nettle, sauerkraut, green hay to the turkey feed.

In spring, you need to carry out general cleaning of the room. It should be disinfected with caustic soda and hot water. The litter must be replaced.

Tip! To scare away the blood-sucking insects, you can hang bouquets of herbs with a pronounced smell on the walls of the turkey hen.


We could be convinced of the high productivity of the breed of bronze wide-breasted turkeys. They are great for breeding in large enterprises, as well as growing in large quantities on the territory of home farms. Undoubtedly, in order to feed such large birds will need a large amount of food, but the outcome of the meat, of course, compensates for all costs. With proper care, you can grow just huge birds, get excellent moms for future offspring, as well as excellent layers with high egg production.


Victor, 54 years old, Novgorod region I have been breeding a white wide-chested turkey for a long time. It looks very much like bronze, but not so large. Recently I just heard about bronze wide-breasted turkeys. I would like to try, and then everyone unanimously asserts that this is an excellent broiler breed.

Evgenia, 49 years old, Saratov. Last year I began to breed, I took several individuals, I will try to increase their number. Eggs are well, as long as they are fertilized. But I see from the information that they have no problems with this. Mass really gaining very quickly. The meat has not yet been tried. Turkeys grow so beautiful that it's a pity to score.