Adjika Zamaniha: a recipe for winter


Rarely what kind of hostess will resist a new unusual recipe, especially when it comes to blanks for the winter. After all, in the autumn, when there are a lot of fruits and especially vegetables, not only in the markets, but also in their own garden, I want to use all the numerous gifts of nature with benefit. It will take only a few months and all the same products will have to buy at exorbitant prices, and the taste they will have is not the same as that of freshly harvested products from the garden. Therefore, in this blessed autumn season, in every house in the kitchen, every day they try to use it profitably, preparing something delicious for the winter and, of course, useful.

Such a dish as adjika “Zamanikha”, by its very name alone, beckons to try to cook it. And if you try once, then, most likely, the recipe for this seasoning snack will be included in the list of your favorite preparations for the winter for a long time.

Main ingredients

For the manufacture of adzhika "Zamanihi" only the freshest and ripe vegetables are used, especially tomatoes and peppers. Due to this adjika gets its unique and attractive taste, despite even long-term heat treatment.

Collect on your site or purchase the following products on the market:

  • Tomatoes - 3 kg;
  • Sweet Bulgarian pepper - 1 kg;
  • Hot pepper - depending on the taste of those who like spicy food - from 1 to 4 pods;
  • 5 heads of rather large garlic;
  • Salt - 2 tablespoons;
  • Granulated sugar - 1 glass (200 ml);
  • Vegetable oil - 1 cup.
Comment! The prescription does not provide for the use of any additional seasonings, spices and herbs, but if desired, any hostess can add their favorite spices to adjika.

All vegetables must be thoroughly cleaned from contamination, washed, and then dried. Tomatoes are cleared of the stalks, both types of pepper are from the seed chambers, the inner wings and tails.

Garlic is freed from scales and is divided into beautiful white smooth cloves.

Features cooking adzhika

First of all, tomatoes are cut into small pieces and passed through a meat grinder. Oil is poured into a pot with a thick bottom, brought to a boil, and an aromatic tomato paste is added to it along with salt and sugar. Everything is very well stirred. Crushed tomatoes with spices are stewed on medium heat for about one hour.

Attention! The recipe of adzhika “Zamanihi” provides for adding hot pepper an hour after the start of making adzhika, but if you don't like too spicy dishes, you can add chopped hot pepper simultaneously with tomatoes.

While tomatoes boil on fire, you can do the rest of the components. Peppers, both sweet and spicy, are cut into small pieces and are also ground using a meat grinder. In the same way with them through the meat grinder all garlic is passed.

An hour after boiling the tomatoes, chopped peppers and garlic are added to the pan, after which the fragrant vegetable mixture is boiled for another 15 minutes. Adjika "Zamanikha" is ready. To save for the winter, it is necessary to decompose it hot in sterile small jars and roll up immediately.

Important! If you try the adjika in the process of cooking in a hot state, and it seems to you that it is under salted, then it is better not to add salt, but to wait for complete cooling.

When you make adjika for this recipe for the first time, it is best to put some finished product in a separate dish and wait for it to cool completely, and then just try. After cooling, the flavor of the seasoning changes.

Adjika "Zamaniha" is a great seasoning for most meat dishes, as well as pasta, potatoes, cereals. Moreover, it will be quite in demand and as an independent snack.