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Gas heat gun: Bison, Master blp 17 m, Resanta tgp, Ballu bhg


Not always garages, workshops and technical rooms have central heating. However, work requires comfortable conditions. Mobile devices, such as gas heat guns, are optimal for fast space heating.

Not every model allows to warm up even a small room in short lines. The modern market offers a huge selection of mobile guns, and it is difficult to understand which heat gun is better. The choice of installation is associated with certain characteristics, such as the volume of the room and the capacity of the device. Thus, the Zubr gas heat gun with a capacity of 10,000 W can warm a spacious garage of 6 by 10 meters, but it cannot cope with heating a large warehouse. Therefore, when choosing a device, it is important to consider all the parameters of the room.

The principle of operation of the gas heat gun

The structure of the heat gun is very similar to a simple heater. It consists of a heating element, ventilation blades and housing. An important detail of the device is a fan. It must be very powerful to heat the entire room in a short time.

The cold air enters the gun due to the operation of the fan and enters the heating element. An already heated air stream is fed from the device.

Device specifications

One of the main advantages of most heat guns is mobility. You can take them with you to the workshop or garage. The average weight of installations is 3-7 kg.

Most often gas installations have a cylindrical shape and fasteners. The housing of the device can be directed at the desired angle, thereby heating certain areas of the room.

Propane, natural gas or butane is used as fuel for the guns. Gas is fed through the burner slots to the combustion chamber. It has the function of piezo ignition, which makes the operation of the device safe. During the combustion of the fuel, the heat exchanger is heated to which air is supplied. After passing through the hot walls of the heater, warm air escapes from the device. Due to the fact that the unit has a fan, it needs access to the power grid. But the gun consumes a little energy (from 10 to 200 W).

The advantage of gas guns is that they have high power with low fuel consumption. However, they have a significant drawback - a high level of danger. In the process of heating the room burns oxygen. This adversely affects the condition of people. Therefore, guns with gas fuel can not be used in areas with faulty ventilation. Because of this feature, the device is not recommended to be installed in living rooms. They are optimal for large technical premises such as warehouses, building sites or large garages.

Types of heat guns

All guns consist of a hull, heater and fan. Only the materials of the device itself and the type of power differ. The body of the unit has special openings for the entry of cold air. There are both rectangular and cylindrical guns. Powerful devices with a large weight are equipped with a stand (bed) and wheels for more convenient transportation and movement.

The heating element of the device is the heating element, spiral or combustion chamber. Thanks to them, the heating of the room takes place. The heater is powered by different types of energy carriers, depending on their type of gun, there are:

  • gas;
  • electric;
  • diesel;
  • solid fuel.

There are also effective infrared installations, but they consume a lot of energy.

How to choose a heat gas gun

Choosing a device is important to remember about power. If you do not know how to choose the right gas heat gun - use the instructions described below.

Attention! If you have purchased a low-power device, do not try to heat a large room with it. In this case, the installation will be simply ineffective.

To calculate the power of the gun, it is necessary to measure the parameters of the room. To do this, measure the height, length and width of the room in which the gun will be installed. All three indicators must be multiplied - this will be the volume of the room. The resulting number is multiplied by the coefficient of insulation. For rooms with a low level of insulation, the coefficient is equal to 4, with a high - 1. The most common value is 2-3 units.

The resulting number must be multiplied by another factor - the difference between the internal and external temperature of the room. To do this, take the average temperature outside in the winter season (for Moscow, the figure is -9˚). For the internal temperature take the one that is necessary for comfortable work. So for warehouse it is +15, and for a workshop +20. The difference between external and internal temperature will be a factor. So, the calculation of the power of the gun for a large garage of 3 * 6 * 10 m will look as follows:

  • The volume is calculated: 3 × 6 × 10 = 180;
  • The resulting value is multiplied by the coefficient of thermal insulation (for example, a room has an average degree of thermal insulation 2). 180 × 2 = 360;
  • For a garage in which a person not only places the car, but also carries out repairs and other work a few hours a day, the optimum temperature is 17˚. At the same time, the temperature outside in the winter season is -9˚ (-9-17 = -26). Thus, the coefficient of temperature difference will be 26. 360 × 26 = 9360.

Attention! The above calculation scheme is valid only for rooms without central heating. In rooms with other sources of heating you can get by with a low-power device.

This value indicates the amount of heat required for the room; kcal is used to designate it. However, the power of heat guns is measured in kW or watts. The resulting figure 9360 is divided by a constant value of 860 and we get the power of the gun, necessary for heating this room. So, in the calculations, the value of 10.8 kW comes out. This is the power that a gun should have for heating an average garage.

When buying a model, pay attention to the quality of the case and the availability of additional functions. It is desirable that the device be equipped with gas supply adjustment and fan and air nozzle protection. If the unit will be used all year round, choose a model with a power adjustment function.

Popular and powerful models of heat guns

If you want the unit chosen by you to serve for many years - take a look at the popular models among users:

  • Gas heat gun Master blp 17 m. The device from the American manufacturer of professional heating equipment has an average power of 16 kW. The installation has the function of protection against overheating, which will protect the premises and the owner during long work. In addition, at the entrance nozzle there is a protective grating for the gun, which prevents the ingress of foreign objects inside the device. Gun Master has a high quality score among buyers.
  • Gas heat gun Ballu BHG-20m. The installation is more powerful than the previous one - 17 kW. The device also has a protective mechanism against overheating. When all fuel is burned, the gun turns itself off. The metal case is covered with anti-corrosion composition, so the unit can be used in rooms with high humidity. The gas supply hose is reinforced to avoid bending. According to reviews, the gun is too short power wire. In general, the Ballu gas gun is a good unit for construction work and heating of rooms of medium size.
  • Gas heat gun Zubr Expert 15. This Russian-made device is equipped not only with piezo igniter, but also with the function of adjusting the gas supply. This allows you to change the degree of heating of the room when the temperature changes outside. The device is optimal for heating rooms of average size. Its working power is 15 kW and its weight is 8 kg. Bison 10 is suitable for construction work or heating of small rooms; it has less weight and power.

The average cost of the above models is 5-7 thousand rubles. These guns are suitable for both private and industrial use. They are irreplaceable on construction objects, when finishing rooms.

When choosing a gas heat gun do not chase for great power. Even a couple of extra kilowatts will make the device more expensive by 1-3 thousand rubles. In addition, more powerful devices consume more fuel, which will lead to unnecessary expenses. When choosing a gun, be guided primarily by the volume of the room.